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I personally think she will talk herself into keeping more than one because that's just how she rolls, but the initial idea was to send 2 back. I don’t think she realizes that by telling people to clear cookies from their browsers she’s not going to get any commission if they followed her link.

Mrscocowyse also styles her outfits and her home nicely and tactfully.

I wonder why Sarah doesn't copy these aspects of mrscocowyse. She presumably walks from her car to the office, maybe around the office a few times and Target once or twice at lunch, then from her car to the office.

It’s extremely gross, many people have a thing where they don’t really like seeing feet in the first place, and it’s also not very helpful.

Also it sounds like this is the first time she’s seen these bow slides in person, but she’s been going on and on about how high quality they are for weeks. Just like everything else she shills, but those and the gingham wedges might be some of the worst things I've ever seen (not to be outdone though by the barbie stripper shoes...)She is going to regret babbling so happily about how Eye Gee is chronological now when she realizes she still gets ~800 likes at best on her painstakingly created unseasonal flat flays and has to ask people what their favorite tv show was in 1992 to solicit engagement.

Just because, I have decided to start totaling what Tondello has purchased. This brings yesterday’s total to 3.00 the day before 4.64 = a grand Tondello total of 7.64My local thrift store has a plethora of Gap, Old Navy, Levi's et al denim jackets for about 5 bucks each.

From her purchases she mentioned Sunday on stories alone..... I've bought a couple and did my own distressing (but not overly so and I didn't reinforce with "crochet", because I'm not in to that sort of thing).Jesus Christ, you moron, being a size Medium is not a sin. And even if you for some reason ignore the issues of Bill Cosby himself. At least watch a show from this century to use as an example of your non-racism or whatever.But I guess it goes with the hairstyle and the neon Barbie heels that "a lot of you have asked about."Fine.But mrscocowyse also works out and takes care of herself.I assume she also doesn't eat like crap everyday thus she has a tone and lean body and looks great in her outfits.But she says the slides run true to size anyway.....okaaay. My feet swell more during summer when it’s hot out and when I work out, but I’ve never felt like particular shoes make my feet swell just wearing them to work to sit at my desk.....that a thing?