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That's why I suggested planting things that will attract them and be a seasonal food supply when they migrate to the area. The comments about stress etc are in regard to trapping and banding them.

Trapping and banding the birds can yield information on migratory patterns and similar information.

The plant's only down side is that it is a bit messy, but well worth it.

My comment was directed at those who place food out and don't feed routinely. I finally threw a small towel over him and carefully handed him to the wife, who held it for a minute.

Animals get used to the food source being available and when it stops they may suffer. She felt that little heart pounding what seemed like a thousand beats per minute.

Sometimes feeding/counting them is a necessity as her efforts help in generating groundbreaking analyses, guiding scientists and policy makers in addressing the needs of birds and other wildlife.

A lot of people don't realize that wildlife can get dependent on being fed.

Has anyone experienced a loved one humming constantly?

Do older people hum to comfort themselves or do they not know what they are doing.

Then if you stop feeding them they can be affected by it.

It would stress the birds, and as I mentioned, they have toeat very often or they can die or get very sick.

i belong to the local bird club here, and they get plenty of good data from the practice.btw, a group of hummers is called a 'charm.'I got the chance to see a Charm at my friend's woodland home. at least until they got use to being around humans.

Thanks for enlightening everyone on the proper name for a group of Hummers, juniper sweet. we only get them for a few weeks in do, however, have bald eagles, rough-legged hawks, herons, all manner of warblers, snow buntings, grebes, red-headed woodpeckers, soras, rose-breasted grosbeaks, cedar waxwings, osprey and many, many more migrants.

What is more important is that people in the general public are keeping an eye on our birds. It brings the wildlife to us, instead of us having to go looking for them.