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Where, in fact, it’s helpful feedback if your cloying online overtures are met with a barrage of ROFLs and LMAOs because you’ll know to avoid trying that particular line IRL.

(Yes, its makers are seeking crowdfunding to fund this crowdsourced advice app, to the tune of £20,000 no less).

Female users can get feedback on the responses they give the male players, and can also initiate conversations themselves, but the rules of this dating advice game — as its creators publicly explain them — cast women as the secondary sex, predominantly in a feedback giving role, rather than as people who might want to initiate conversations with sexy strangers themselves.

If it can avoid the impression of being unattractively one-sided, and raise the £20,000 needed to finish development and start shouting about its assets, the app makers intend to offer freemium, premium and subscription versions of Say Something.

The premium version will include a “contextualised advisor” — offering a player additional guidance so they can “transition” from text snippet into “a normal conversation”.

The subscription service will include access to the “latest dating research findings, best tips, polls, dating guides, etc” — for those who want to turn dating from a game into a full-time job.

Dating is sort of like working out, and just like you can work out more efficiently, you can get better at dating. I asked six relationship experts for practical tips to become a savvier, smarter, more confident dater — though confidence isn't necessarily the key.

No matter if you tend to be confident, insecure, or fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, here are 13 tips to help you become a better dater.

Instead of looking at a first date as dragging yourself out into the world to meet some stupid stranger, think of it as a social club, suggests clinical hypnotherapist, author and educator Rachel Astarte.

Which does rather put a male-centric spin on the app from the start.

So I asked why it doesn’t see demand for women initiating dating conversations. That is why the starting screen says ‘Say or Do something to start a conversation.’ Both can start a conversation, but we expect, just like in online dating, that men will be the ones who will start most conversations.

(Yes, they can end up having fun, but it’s not going to be the main use case). Because they will never meet, they will be much more likely to share honest feedback with each other. It presents players of its dating game with scenarios where they might be able to strike up a conversation with a handsome stranger IRL, such as in a coffee shop queue or being smiled at in a bar, and then lets them try out an opening line on a player of the opposite sex so they can get feedback on whether it was a killer or a clanger. Isn’t practicing dating conversation in bite-sized text snippets just going to encourage people to come up with more cheesy one-liners? If they use cheesy pick-up lines, the game is over at level one. But after gamifying it to shift the emphasis to fun he realised he was onto something as the number of users swelled.