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Translated into dating, a thick markets represents a wider, more centrally located user base.You are more likely to find a potential partner in New York City than in the middle of America.Your answers to each question are then compared to other users to determine a compatibility percentage for each individual question.Aggregating every question is simply done by calculating √ (Q1%*Q2%*Q3 %....).While it may not seem apparent, economics and dating have a lot of similarities.

Economics, by definition, studies choices and selection given a scarcity of resources.This strategy encompasses swiping right or liking every picture you see and discriminating users after you have been matched.While economics may help you match with more users, your social interactions are not so cut and dry.Gone are the days of meeting someone at the park, supermarket or a bar.Current dating websites pride themselves on algorithms which connect users based on compatibility.With a number of services available, 60% of Americans in 2013 agree that dating sites are an acceptable way to meet people, compared to 44% in 2005.