Updating my garmin 260

For newer GPS units (Garmin Colorado and newer including Dakota, Oregon, Montana, and 62 series) the program will allow you to manage maps very easily/quickly.

Download the file appropriate for your computer, then open it to complete the installation process.

Click the "install" button once it's available during the installation process.

Choose the "select all" option to install all available software and map updates.

In some cases, you may be able to opt out of some updates, such as maps.

If you’re Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS needs a new battery or you just want an extra on hand just in case, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help!

Most GPS batteries can last for a few hours on battery life, but continued usage and improper care can significantly decrease how long the battery can last between charges.

Download the Garmin Express app for free from the Garmin website, selecting either the Windows or Mac version.

The Windows version works on computers with Windows 7 and higher; the Mac version is for OS 10.10 and higher.

Keep the GPS unit connected to the computer as Garmin Express installs updates.

The updates may take several hours to install; check the on-screen time estimate to get an idea how long the process may take.

Note: Certain GPS units (60c(s)x, Legend/Vista/Etex (H)Cx, any unit released prior to the Colorado) have map limits.