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It doesn’t prevent you from installing the upgrade.

You can hide it, remove the Windows update that added the popup, or use the I Don’t Want Windows 10 v2.0 tool.

Probably the easiest method of managing the GWX (Get Windows 10) notification is to hide it, which you can do by right-clicking in the system tray near the clock, and selecting Customize notification icons.

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Such doom mongering is simply specious, but by setting the stakes so high, the team behind Windows 10 really has to deliver.

So, Microsoft wants you to be aware of Windows 10 so that you’ll upgrade when it is available.

They’re so engaged with this that they’ll even subject their own captive audience to adware tactics (and risk a “free U2 album on your i Phone”-style backlash) to tell you all about it.

If by some unlikely stroke of luck you haven’t seen the Windows 10 upgrade notification, it first appears as a Windows logo in the system tray.

Windows as a service and mobility of experience were the major keywords from the recent Windows 10 briefing. devices – that is Microsoft’s dream, a cross-device solution to various perceived problems from the lack of apps on Windows Phone to the poor implementation of touch-based apps in the “modern” interface.

If this sounds intriguing, you can try out the new OS before it is formally released in the shape of the Windows 10 Technical Preview in desktop computing.

So if you have Windows Update enabled and haven’t had the Windows 10 upgrade notification yet, you’ve either been lucky so far or you were wise enough to opt out of optional updates!